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Nujiang Prefectural Party Committee and the people’s government specially listen
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  The experts of the GSM group of the United Statescame to Nujiang to make inspections last December,and they have been very interested in the development and utilization of the silicon resources of Nujiang since then. Nujiang Prefectural Party Committee and the people’s government have been very concerned about the present cooperation progress of this project. On the morning of February 27th, 2010, Nujiang Prefectural Party Committee and the people’s government held a meeting and specially listened to the report on the cooperation between Yunnan Great Union Group Co.,Ltd and the GSM group.

  Mr.Duan Yueqing, the secretary of Nujiang Prefectural Party Committee, presided over the report meeting and made a speech. Mr.Chen Jianping, member of the Prefectural Party Standing Committee and executive vice-governor, was invited to the meeting as a non-voting delegate. Leading officials of all related functional departments participated in the meeting.

  After listening to the work report from the manager of Yunnan Great Union Group Co.,Ltd and the exchanging statement of the leading officials from communications, poverty alleviation, power grid, environmental protection, land and natural resources, forestry, security supervision and other related departments of Nujiang Prefecture and Lushui County, Mr.Duan Yueqing gave full affirmation to the related departments’ efforts and achievements on promoting the industrial park construction of Lushui County, especially on promoting the development of Yunnan Great Union Group Co.,Ltd in Nujiang. Mr.Duan Yueqing said, “Looking at the problem from our country’s resources strategy, industrial development will be the inexorable trend of Nujiang.” In recent years, Nujiang Prefectural Party Committee and the government have attached great importance to the construction of industrial bases; have gradually strengthened help and fund support to some high-tech projects, giving strong organizational guarantee to the development of enterprises and local economic construction.

  Mr. Duan Yueqing stressed, “Environmental protection has a great deal to do with the fundamental interests of broad masses of the people and the long-term development of a region. It is the problem must being resolved seriously during the progress of Nujiang’s scientific and harmonious development. Nujiang is one of the regions with the largest varieties of sights, ecosystem and biodiversity in the world. Moreover, it is also one of the regions with the weakest natural ecological environment. In such kind of conditions, we can not follow the past road again. It was at the cost of environment. If Nujiang wants to develop industry well through exploiting dominant resources, it must be active to explore a path of the coexistence of exploitation and protection, and to forge green pillar industries with Nujiang characteristics.”

  Mr.Duan Yueqing called on the all functional departments to provide the most preferential policies and the top-notch service environment for those enterprises which are bent upon the exploitation on Nujiang’s silicon resources under the guide of scientific development concept, and by making overall and scientific planning, and innovating new methods of work. “All governmental departments should go all out to give impetus to the exchange and cooperation between the GSM group and Nujiang Prefecture, and jointly make our prefecture’s new-style industrial constructions big and strong. Meanwhile, the enterprises should constantly bring forth new ideas in science and technology, increase science and technology input, transform findings of scientific research into actual production, and improve the competitive strength to make your deserved contributions to the local economic development”.At the meeting, Mr. Chen Jianping arranged for the relevant matters to speed up and promote the cooperation between the GSM group and the Yunnan Great Union Group Co.,Ltd.

  (Lu Shuiquan, Yan Zhenghua)

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