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Seven athletes of our prefecture entered into the finals of the weightlifting co
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  Recently, the weightlifting preliminary contest of the Thirteenth Yunnan Provincial Games was held in Wenshan Prefecture. Seven athletes of our prefecture had obtained the qualifications for the finals. There were 164 athletes from 13 prefectures and cities taking part in the weightlifting preliminary contest. The juvenile sports school of our prefecture sent 2 instructors and 8 athletes to take part in women’s 44, 48 and 58 kg contest and men’s 56, 69, 77 and above 105 kg contest.

  After three-day competing, Shi Wei, Duan Zhiwei and Qiao Zhongnan separately took the fifth and sixth places in the men’s 77 and 105 kg contest, and other athletes obtained the qualifications for the finals of the Games.

  The eight athletes separately come from Liuku Branch School of Nujiang National Senior High Middle School, and Liuku Town Middle School of Lushui County. At present, the athletes entering into the finals have thrown themselves into full training.

  (By Yang Fengsheng)

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