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San Jiang Gateball team won third place in China/Korea gateball friendly match
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  SEOUL,June18 (Nujiang Newspaper)--June 15 to 17, the first gateball friendly match between Kunming and Seoul was held in Seoul-the capital of Korea. The team from Lan Pin Bai Pumi Autonomous County called ‘Ying Pan San Jiang gateball team’won third place, at the same time, they won Sportsmanship Award. With the vigorous support from Lanping County government, the players cooperated, stayed united and remained calm to get good scores. They showed their good morale and sportsmanship,and won honours for China and their hometown.

  This match was hosted by three departments: Kunming Kangle gateball club, Korea national life sports and National Gateball Association. 40 teams, a total of 360 athletes from China and Korea took part in this match. There were 8 teams from China and 32 from Korea.

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