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Experts had an examination meeting of construction plan and design
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  LIUKU, July9 (Nujiang Newspaper)--Recently, our prefecture held an examination meeting of planning and design about the north area of Laimao New Area, Lushui County. The group leader Han Xiancheng (the planner of Department of Construction of Yunnan Province and the adviser of Nujiang prefectural urban, rural construction) with his four members and Zhao Zhiyong (the vice-governor of the NPC Standing Committee of Nujiang Autonomous Prefecture) and some leaders of Lushui County, prefectural Construction Bureau attended this meeting.

  The meeting heard reports on how to build the north area of Laimao New Area of Lushui County. West China Engineering Construction Co., Ltd and Dali City Design Institute each made a solution. The experts and leaders at the meeting called the solutions had analyzed and forecasted the development of Lushui County. The solutions are mentality clear and fertile. In the meantime, the attendees raised some amendments and additional comments; they hoped two companies should be closely united to make a newer and more excellent program.

  At the meeting, the reporter saw from the city plan there will be a fashionable town in the north area of Laimao New Area in the future; there will be shopping centers, residential areas, schools and gyms. At the same time, the new and old districts will be connected by the new zone.

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