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The number of missing people rises to 90 in the severe mudslide
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  Gongshan, Aug.19 (Nujiang Newspaper)--According to the latest news that provided by Gongshan county committee and county government.Up to 6:56pm, Aug.18,the mudslide has killed one man, and the number of missing people is from 67 to90.


  Preliminary statistics show that this mudslide has affected 275 people; 200-meter road and a stone bridge were destroyed. Parts of communication, electricity systems were broken. The direct economic loss because of this disaster would be .4 hundred million RMB.

  After the disaster, the leaders from province and prefecture pay highly attention to rescue and relief work. They made a number of important instructions which have given a strong impetus to the work. Up to now, there are over 1,100 rescuers joining the rescue and relief work. More than one thousand people are sent to safety places. Searched and rescued disaster victims 63 people, among them, ten wounded seriously and 30 slightly injured. They are all sent to Fugong People’s hospital and Puladi Township’s hospital to cure in time.

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