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Provincial government low-income housing construction work team comes to Nujiang
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  Liuku, (Nujiang Newspaper) --In the last few days,Provincial government low-income housing construction work team led by Wang Baoming who is the vice-inspector of provincial State-owned Assets Supervision Administration Commission come to Nujiang to check.

  The work team went to Lushui County to check the home construction and heard some job-related reports. The achievements are fully recognized by the work team. They think Nujiang prefectural Party committee and government paid great attention to this project. There are sound organizational structures and management systems, the responsibility is clear, the management of funds is strictly controlled, the procedures for infrastructural construction are normal. Departments at all levels should stress focal points and work in a down-to-earth manner to actively advance the low-income housing construction. Meanwhile, the work team gave some advice on collecting money and so on. (Nujiang Newspaper/Zhu Linhua)

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