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Traffic police department has adopted various measures to ensure roads' clear and safety
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  Liuku Dec.7 (Nujiang Newspaper)--2010 Nujiang Lisu “Kuoshi” Cultural Tourism Festival and First Wildwater Canoeing International Open Nujiang is coming, the traffic police department of Nujiang Prefecture has adopted various measures to ensure roads safety and unobstructed since Oct.

  The traffic police department has treated the hidden risk of all the roads and tourist areas. Illegal parking, blocking traffic and other driving offences have been regulated. The number of the passengers, the driving time, driving licence and the motor-vehicle safety are in check. By making use of the media advantage, we can know the information about the roads condition and traffic control.The traffic police department will strengthen patrols and enhance publicity.(Nujiang Newspaper/ Xie Yu/Xu Ruishan)

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