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The true feeling warms Nujiang Grand Canyon
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  Nujiang,Jan.28 to 29 (Nujiang Newspaper)—Li Jiheng, the deputy Secretary of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, Yang Baojian, the Deputy Director of Yun Nan Provincial Standing Committee , Gao Feng, a deputy governor and Bai Chenliang, a Vice Chairman of Yunnan Political Consultation Conference lead some leaders come to Nujiang prefecture to console. In the two-day visit, they attended a ceremony for the opening of the road construction of Dulong River Township; Li hosted a meeting at Dulong River Township and visited the mud slide-afflicted people and others. Although the time is short, all these left a deep impression to the local people.


  Li Jiheng(F.L.Second)is watching the pictures of Dulong River township’s

  helping project.


  The leaders are Laying a foundation of road construction of Dulong River township


  Li and others are visiting and condoling the mud slide-afflicted people

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