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Nujiang prefectural Party committee special subject study the model deeds of Comrade Yang Shanzhou
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  Duan Yueqing(L,second), the secretary of Nujiang prefecturalParty Committeecalls on

  officials to learn from Yang Shanzhou, a late veteran Party official who made selfless

  contributions to the public's interest.

  Liuku, Mar.25 (Nujiang Newspaper)—The first special subject learning meeting of Prefectural Party committee held in Liuku.The meeting conveyed important instructions that from The Party Central Committee and provincial Party committee leaders. Should deeply carry out learning from comrade Yang Shanzhou. Look back Yang’s exemplary deed, recall his noble qualities, and study his lofty spirit.The meeting stressed departments at all levels must adhere to grasp studying and developing, Translate the studying spirit into the strong driving force of promoting Nujiang’s development. Make it become a kind of spiritual concepts, a kind of value pursuit, and a kind of normal work. We must focus on construction and concentrate on development, and ensure a better and faster development of Nujiang’s twelfth five-year plan, and lie a solid foundation for building a well-off society in an all-round way in Nujiang Prefecture.(He Caiyun)

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