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Fugong County starts an upsurge of learning from doctor Deng Qiangdui
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  Fugong,April12(Nujiang Newspaper)---Fugong County committee and government have been planning and arranging early in learning from doctor Deng Qiangdui in departments at all levels since Li Changchun (member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee) made an important instruction about learning Deng. Recently, Fugong Publicizes and study Deng’s model deeds with different kinds of ways, including holding Deng’s deeds reports, sending his deeds materials and posters and so on, all these set off a rush to learn from Doctor Deng.

  Deng is an ordinary country doctor, since 28 years, he has been slipping the overhead cable to cure the local masses with his love. We should learn from his cherishing posts and devoting wholeheartedly to work, learn from his rooting in the grassroots, learn from his noble character and selfless dedication. (Ni Yucai)

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