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A deeds report about"Doctor Cable"Deng Qiandui
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  The "Doctor Cable"Deng Qiandui is talking his story.


  Nearly one thousand Party members from different units are listening to Deng’s deeds report.

  Liuku, April 18(Nujiang Newspaper)—A deeds report about"Doctor Cable"Deng Qianduni is held in Liuku. The members of the report mission told Deng’s moving deeds to the listeners. All of them were moved by Deng’s story.

  Deng is an ordinary country doctor who has been a doctor for 28 years. In the past 28 years, he has been serving the country people wholeheartedly. He roots in the grassroots to serve the public with dedication. He is a ministering angel. He treats his patients as his parents, brothers and sisters. Deng, by his actions, fulfilled his promise to save lives. He is an outstanding representative of our Party members, and he is a great model of the medical staff. The meeting stressed all the clerks should learn from Deng to do our best to work hard, should put the people’s interest first, and should work in a- down- to –earth manner to promote our Prefecture’s fast development of economy and society.

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