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Tuoping village bid farewell to the history of crossing cable
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  Yang Dalin and his two friends are happily walking through the newly-build bridge to

  school on May 30.(Nujiang Newspaper/Ni Yucai)

  This new bridge named ‘Media Bridge’ is built by Yunnan Daily Press Group and other Medias. It was put into using in March 2009, it means the 678 villagers of Tuoping village could bid farewell to the history of crossing cable. Years ago, they had to risk their lives to cross the river with cable.

  Dalin said now he could go to school by himself, it is convenient and safe to walk on the bridge.

  “Now, it is convenient for us to carry building materials to build new house. Many villagers are busy building new houses.” Dalin’s mother said.

  With the bridge, the villagers have more confidence to shaking off the poverty.

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