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Pumi Nationality
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Pumi is a nationality with long history and ancient culture in China.The main habitation of Pumi is Lanping County of Nujiang Prefecture,Ninglang County,Yulong County of Lijiang City and Weixi County of Diqing Prefecture.The rests are in Yun County,Fengqing County, Zhongdian County etc.

It is counted that Pumi has a total population of 33600 people, there are 14236 people in Lanping, so the Pumi population distribution is concentrated in lanping region.

Pumi nationality has it sown language , but has no its own written language, for the most part Pumi people now use Chinese .


  Pumi women are shelling corn



Most villages of Pumi are built on the hillside,the houses are built by woode dstructure, the walls are made of overlapping logs, the roof is wood block, there are four columns in the four corners, a large square column is in the center of the house, it is called pillars by Pumi people, Pumi people believed there are gods there. The room layout of Pumi is that the doors are toward the east, the fireplace is on the right side by the door,a shrine behind the fireplace, beds around the fireplace. Outside the door, hanging ox-headbone, it is a symbol of family wealth.

The clothes of adult male are basically the same,wearing linen jacket and loose trousers, a gown and a girdle. Pumi women have long hair,and with thick and big braids for beauty, they like weaving Yak tail and silk thread into their braids, the put the braids o the top of head,a black Baotou is outside, both among men and women,  wear a sheepskin vest or a shawl outside.


  Human and nature coexist harmoniously


  Sing and dance


  Dancing girs with traditional Pumi national costumes

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