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《Nujiang Grand Valley guidebook》 is published
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Recently , a book named 《Nujiang Grand Valley guidebook》is published by Yunnan science and Technology Press .Publishing this bookaims to comprehensively improve the quality of Nujiang tourism interpretation service,unify specification of Nujiang tour guide words, formpromotional efforts andbetter promote,introduce and propagate Nujiang to tourists. Let the tourists know Nujiang from the natural resources, human history, ethnic customs, food and beverage.


In general terms we find that,《Nujiang Grand Valley guidebook》is on the basis of the original 《Guide Nujiang》,It fully based on the guide to explain the function of teaching materials ,it condensed wisdom crystallization of many tourism practitioners. Prefectural and foreign experts are invited to write this book, so the book focus on the applicability of the explanation, science and education, rich and regional characteristics, it includes the development history of Nujiang, natural resources, human resources, climate characteristics, forest ecology, national culture, customs, food and beverage, festivals, scenic spots, etc. The content covers welcome words ,Nujiang Grand Valley, Slow city Lushui, Happy city Fugong, Three rivers Pearl Gongshan, Gate of Three rivers Lanping and so on.The publication of the book will help enhance the quality of service on Nujiang Guide.(Nujiang Newspaper/Ni Yucai/Shi Shangcai)

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