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The first medical helping experts from Zhuhai arrived in Nujiang
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  The first medical helping experts from Zhuhai on March 6th arrived in Nujiang, they will begintheir six-month medical assistance for Nujiang Prefecture.

  Last September, Nujiang Prefecture is twinned with Zhuhai. Two sides communicate and Cooperative dock in establishing mutual visits mechanism, the implementation of counterpart Assistance, industrial cooperation, strengthening labor docking, promoting economic and trade cooperation and so on. The cooperation on poverty alleviation achieved stage effect and a good start.

  Nujiang Prefecture is one of the poorest region in China, it is very difficult to achieving to builda well - off society by 2020.


  Nujiang prefectural government hopes the medical corps can spare no effort in guide the local hospitals’ medical business ,throw themselves heart and soul to improve the overall quality of the local medical team, pay special attention to special cases and positive analysis at the same time.


  It is reportedthere are ten medical experts in the first medical helping experts, they are from the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, Zhuhai People's Hospital, Zhuhai maternal and child health care hospital,The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College ,Their medical professionsinclude emergency medicine, neurology, obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, Department of orthopedics, Department of nursing, cardiovascular and rehabilitation etc.(Nujiang Newspaper/Lu Pingting/Huang Yanping)

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