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Remember the past is to create a better future
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  Pay homage to the victims compatriots


  Transplant seedlings


  Water root water

Beside the edge of the surging Nujiang River, on the foot of the great Gaoligong Mountain, there is a monument that records of national suffering memory and humiliating history, “Anti-Japanese Victims compatriots monument” several characters are particularly conspicuous on the monument, it warns the future generations to always remember the unforgettable history.

April 5 is observed as "Tomb Sweeping Day" every year as people across China pay respect to the soldiers and civilians who lost their lives in the war. It's a great tradition to honour the dead and pay homage to the ancestors by visiting the tombs and memorials commemorating the sacrifice of the Chinese in liberating their nation, but this year it had a special meaning.

On April 1,Nujiang Prefecture Committee Office of Party Branch carry out a theme Party day activity of “Remember history, cherish peace”. The prefectural Party Secretary Tong Zhiyun takes part in the activity in the form of an ordinary Party member.

Lichaiba of Shangjiang Township, Lushui City once was an important ancient ferry. For thousands of years, it witnessed the Chinese civilization and great influence on the world, but on May 19,1942, more than 300 overseas Chinese and refugee were massacred by Japanese invading army there, Japanese invading army made the horrendous killings.

Although 70 years has passed, the brutal and cold-blooded killing can’t be forgotten by Nujaing people.

“We remember that period of history not to continue the hatred, but for arousing people's yearning and making more people value peace, for working with each other hand in hand to create a better future.” A Party member said.

They lay flowers to the war victims,bowed and stood in silent tribute for one minute.

After the theme Party day activity, All Party members come to the ecological construction tree planting area to plant trees. Getting off the bus, everyone is busy carrying seedlings,digging ponds and carrying water, The Party flag flutters in the wind.

Tong Zhiyun and other staff plant trees with the help of technicians,they do all links conscientiously."Tell everyone to plant trees following the requirements, we must plant by scientific, normative and standard ways to guaranteed the survival rate. "Tong said.(Nujiang Newspaper/He Wei)

(Web editor: Zhang Yun)

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