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Nujiang starts publicity campaign of anti - terrorist laws
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  Handing out leaflets of anti-terrorist laws


  Visiting anti-terrorism equipment

Nujiang Prefecture Anti-terrorism Office,The Prefecture Party Committee Publicity Department , the Prefecture Bureau of Education and Lushui City Anti-terrorism Office on April 16 started a joint theme publicity campaign of anti - terrorist laws in Nujaing Prefecture National Secondary Specialized school.

Prefectural Party committee and Prefectural government pay high attention to anti-terrorism work, arrange and start to deepen the publicity campaign that send anti - terrorist laws into campus, villages, communities, departments, military camps and enterprises (known as six enterings).

Prefectural Party committee and Prefectural government require prefecture departments at all levels to further enhance the awareness of preventing and control risk, in prosperity think of adversity,earnestly perform duties and improve the working mechanism and refine job responsibilities. To further guide the masses to improve the awareness of self-protection, and build strong atmosphere of national anti-terrorism and fight against terrorism in strict accordance with the law.Schools at all levels must carry out the propaganda and implementation of the anti terrorism law into the daily teaching work, teachers and students to further improve anti Terrorism Law and awareness, and promote the abilities of responding to campus emergencies and self-protection.

At the Launching ceremony, more than one thousand separate edition of anti - terrorist laws and other relevant publicity materials are handed out, meanwhile, part anti-terrorism equipment is showed to the teachers and students.(Nujiang Newspaper/Huang Yanping/Cai Xiaohuan)

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