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Dulong Township won the title of "forest culture town"
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2017 forest China large-scale public welfare activities launching ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on May6, at the ceremony, Dulong Township of Gongshan County won the title of "forest culture town" .There are only ten units selected in the whole nation.


It is known that “2016 forest China found forest town”is a large-scale public welfare activity, jointly sponsored by Chinese Forestry Society and Guangming Daily in June,2016. The purpose is to promote ecological culture,promote the beautiful countryside and urbanization construction,guide people to establish an ecological concept of respecting nature, complying with nature and protecting nature, contribute to the construction of ecological civilization and beautiful China, and stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole society to participate in the protection of forest resources.

Dulong Township stood head and shoulders above the 77 reporting units across the country and won the title of "forest culture town"with its unique geographical environment, rich natural resources and the original ecological folk culture, it is the only selected township in Yunnan province.

Dulongjiang Canyon constituted a complex calpine canyon human and the earth system with its complex natural geographical environment,rich species diversity, a wide range of rare and endangered species,high concentration of endemic species and ancient relic species, original and complete subtropical mountain forest ecosystem and mysterious minority culture etc. Dulongjiang is the most valuable brand and image of Nujiang Prefecture.(Nujiang Newspaper/Bao Xuemei)

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