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Prepare for the coming college entrance examination
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May 18, there are 20 days left from the college entrance examination, in Nujiang Prefecture Ethnic High School,the students are busy making mock exams.

At the beginning of the year,Nujiang Prefecture Ethnic High School has combined with the graduate’s studies and previous college entrance examination experience, and according to the exam outline of the Ministry of Education to clear the review direction and draw up plans to actively organize the revising for the coming exams.

Meanwhile, the school also organizes the teachers of graduating classes to attend the college entrance examination seminars to make review plans and carry out pre examination work scientifically.

The school has also strengthened its management, landscaping, greening the campus environment to enable candidates to study in a safe and comfortable campus environment, the security patrol is also reinforced. The school arranges various forms of after-school activities and psychology teachers,efforts to service for the candidates to exert for a final sprint..(Nujiang Newspaper/Wang Lei)

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