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Characteristic countrysides adorning Dulongjiang
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  The bridge over The Dulong River just looks like a rainbow


  The main street of Dulongjiang Township


  Qinglangdang village

Brightly colorful walls and decoration, characteristic countrysides, when tourists place in Kongdang Village of Dulongjiang Township, Gongsh County,their footsteps and sights must be attracted by Dulong elements of buildings. Along with the construction of Dulong rural tourism characteristics of small towns, Dulongjiang Township's new look is becoming a beautiful landscape.

Go further inside, villages with green trees located all over the hillside, the hardened road connected every household is clean and tidy. The low and shabby thatched cottage in the old days has disappeared, more than four thousand Dulong people from over forty villages has moved into the secure houses. Villagers earn money by planting amomum tsao-ko , Paris polyphylla,walnut,tea, and developing livestock breeding and other industries.(Nujiang Newspaper/Yang Jiao)


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