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117 special children’s gifts
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Some sport suits, confectionery and other gifts of love on June 26 were handed out to the special children of the Nujiang Prefecture special education school by the staff of the Nujang Prefecture commission for discipline inspection supervision bureau. The kids used sign language to express their thanks .

Recently, the Party committee of Nujang Prefecture commission for discipline inspection supervision bureau called for all Party members to celebrate activities initiative of the 96th founding anniversary of the CPC, and encourage the Party members and cadres to give a special love to the special kids .All cadres responded positively and donated money in succession, then they spent more than seven thousand yuan buying sport suits and candies for the kids.


“I’m glad to do something for the children. I hope they can be happier.” a man said.

They say they will continue to care for the children in need,and help the children grow happily.(Nujiang Newspaper/He Jianying/Yu Chunxia/Li Jinming)

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