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28 college students volunteer to serve for Nujiang
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After unified training by Yunnan province project office on July 27th, the first batch 28 college students of National project for volunteer services in the West entered Nujiang.They will work in education, science and technology, culture, health, poverty alleviation and youth work and other basic positions, they will be carried out for a period of 1 to 3 years of volunteer service in Nujiang.

This year, there will be 60 college students volunteer to serve for the grassroots posts in Nujiang, youth volunteers will carry out the jobs such as Youth Volunteer Service, help poverty alleviation work etc.

It is reported that the College students volunteer service plan is carried out by the League Central Committee and the Ministry of education under the implementation of the spirit of the State Council, aims to promote education in poor areas of Western health, agricultural development, poverty and other social services, expand business channels, the employment of college students, cultivate and foster a large number of modern scientific and cultural knowledge, but also have great excellent project young talents in the grass-roots work experience and strong sense of social responsibility.(Nujiang Newspaper/Yang Ze)

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