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25 Nujiang left-behind children go to summer camp in Zhuhai
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On the morning of Aug.17, 25 left-behind children form four counties of Nujiang Prefecture left Liuku for Zhuhai to join in the "cross the mountains and sea to meet each other" summer camp activities.

"I am very excited and happy, because not only can I see my parents, but also I can see the wonderful world outside, and I can play and communicate with the children of Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao."a left-behind child named Hu Xiaoping said.

According to the main person in charge of the women's Federation of Nujiang Prefecture, in order to give full play to the advantages of the good women's Federation in family work, care for the left-behind children in Nujiang, both the Women's Federations of Nujiang and Zhuhai jointly formulated 《Zhuhai city women's Federation Counterpart aids Nujiang working programme for women and children》and other plans. This year is the first year of implementing the plans, the two women's federations jointly organized this summer camp to let the left-behind children reunite with their parents working in Zhuhai. We can broaden the left-behind children’s horizons, enhance their confidence and ability by communicating with the children of Zhuhai, Hongkong and Macao. And sow the seeds of thanking the Party and parents to Inspire them to strive hard, and build their hometown and change the the face of poverty.(Nujiang Newspaper/Cai Xiaohuan)

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