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the theme of Education activities into the Campus
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  Recently, Gongshan County Party committeeand Gongshan no. 1 middle school Co-organized educational campaign on the theme of "respect for Integrity and respect for Integrity".

  Through the classroom main position, theme class meeting, calligraphy competition, essay competition, painting competition, blackboard newspaper, handwritten newspaper, theme film and other forms, take the full use of publicity window. The wall newspaper propagandizes the activities of incorruptible culture into the campus, so that teachers and students can set up the idea of respecting honesty and cleanliness, strengthen the ability to recognize and restrain the bad social atmosphere, and enhance the consciousness of observing law and order and the ability to distinguish right and wrong.

  The responsible person in Gongshan No. 1 Middle School said that for the next step, according to the characteristics of students, would be to integrate clean education into classroom teaching, campus culture, family education, in order to enhance the effectiveness of clean culture education.(Nujiang Newspaper/Wang Kunhui He FeiYang)



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