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Liuku New District temporary Farmers Market can be put into use before Spring Festival
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  The construction of the temporary farmers' market in Liuku new district was started on December 15th last year. At present, the main project has been completed, and the subsidiary works are under construction in an orderly manner, which is expected to be completed and put into use before the Spring Festival.

  After the removal of the former temporary farmers' market in new urban area, it is inconvenient for the residents of the new district to buy vegetables, and it is also inconvenient for the sellers of fruits, vegetables and meat, and they were facing the dilemma of having no place to stand.

  Some operators even set up stalls on the sidewalk of the new district, which not only affect the appearance of the city, but also cause inconvenience to the residents around them. In order to standardize the management order of the new district and solve the problem of no farmers' market in the new urban area, so that Lushui government decided to build a new temporary farmer’s market.

  The temporary farmers' market is located on the edge of Laimao river, covering an area of 4.18 mu, there are fruit trading areas, vegetable trading areas, aquatic products trading areas, meat products trading areas and live poultry trading areas more than 400 stalls in total. At present, the main part of the farmers market project has been completed, ancillary projects are stepping up.(Nujiang newspaper/Ni Yucai liu huixing)

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