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Nu people welcome tourists to the old Camden
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  During the Spring Festival, visitors from all over the world have come the old Camdento enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Nujiang Grand Canyon, taste the unique cuisine of the Nu nationality, experience the unique national culture of the Nu people, and spend the Spring Festival with the local people.


  Mr. and Mrs. Yu-Woolin got up early in the morning, cooked bacon, killed chickens, made pipa meat and picked vegetables, and their children assisted them with preparation of welcoming tourists.

  Yu Woolin said that today received 7 table reservation, 80 visitors to eat at home. Last year, Yu Woo-lin opened a new inn, which can accommodate 10-20 guests a day,


  Yang Hua-mei, a villager, selling ethnic costumes, handicrafts, buckwheat rice and honey on the viewing platform of Old Menden Village. “When the peak season of tourism comes, she can earns three or four hundred yuan a day.”she said.

  The old Camden is a village of the Nu nationality, located on the Bilo Mountains, a place close to the sky called by tourists.(Nujiang Newspaper/Duan Xuhua)


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