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Agricultural technology service for farmers
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Recently, Gongshan County Agricultural Bureau staff go to the villages and towns to carry out agricultural technology extension training work, which also truly deliver agricultural technology services to the farmers and help them to get rid of poverty.
During the period, the Gongshan County Agriculture Bureau staff came to the fields of the villages and towns to teach the cultivation and management techniques of vegetables, tripe and other industries in a language that was easy to understand, at the same time, the field demonstration operation is carried out to solve the villagers' questions. And the villagers who participated in the training discussed and exchanged ideas with the staff about the problems encountered in planting and how to increase economic benefits.
After the training, villagers have said that the training has taught us about planting and field management techniques in industries such as vegetables and tripe, which we will use in the field in the future, and strive to increase income and become rich.
It is understood that in 2017, the Gongshan County Agricultural Bureau has carried out training in vegetable cultivation management, bee breeding, heavy building cultivation and management of Morchella throughout the county, which benefiting more than 1, 300 villagers.(Nujiang Newspaper/He Feiyang Li Chunfang)
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