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Publicity of the Charging Standards for Import and Export in Pianma Port The People's Government of Lushui Municipality
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   In order to further serve import and export enterprises, reduce the cost of customs clearance, expand foreign trade, invigorate the port economy, create a quality business environment, and further improve the level of customs clearance, according to the relevant laws and regulations of China,Yunnan Province and Nujiang Prefecture, the charging standards for import and export in Pianma Port, Lushui Municipality are as follows: except for the following charges, no fees shall be charged; the increase or decrease of the adjusted charges shall be subject to the approval of the laws and regulations in the future.

Publicity of the Charging Standards for Import and Export  in  Pianma Port Lushui Municipality
No.  Charge Subject Item Charge Standard Pricing Unit Service Content Charge Form and Basis
Kunming Customs (formerly Service Center of Yunnan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau )
Disinfection treatment fee for inbound vehicle 18  Yuan/ Vehicle Inbound vehicle disinfection The Notice on Issuance of “Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Charging Method”(No.〔2003〕2357, Development and Reform Price ) of The National Development and Reform Commission, The Ministry of Finance; The Notice on Reducing Quarantine Treatment Fees ( No. 〔2017〕137,National Quality Inspection Finance Letter ) of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Being collected by  Nujiang Office of  Kunming Customs (formerly Nujiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau)
Supervisory telephone: 1. National price supervision report phone: 12358
                                          2. The disciplinary inspection team sent from the Discipline Inspection and Surveillance Committee of Lushui Municipality to the Municipal People's Congress Office : 0886-3622194
                                          3. Lushui Industrial Information and Commerce Bureau: 0886-3621241
 The  People's Government of Lushui Municipality
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