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Chinese minority children model on Paris runway stage
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  Limeihan Hu, a five-year-old Lisu minority girl from Nujiang, Yunnan provance was on Paris fashion show stage for Heaven Gaia series. And she is also the first ethnic children model on Paris runway stage.


  On the show day, chinese fashion brand -- Heaven Gaia, the series displayed chinese aesthetic wisdom, costume and accessories handicrafts by telling the story of four beauties in classical chinese literature.


  At the conference site, Limeihan came out with music by dressing in blue Sha with a small baskets in hand, and successfully finished this runway show with great confidence.

  “Because each child has his own nature, she will present the most natural state when she is on the stage. I’m so happy that she did it well today,”said Gaia. Gaia told reporter that children represent hope and future and is also the important carrier to spread the chinese culture to the world. So she put it in her design, such as family set.


  “We brought exquisite Lisu costume from hometown for displaying Lisu culture to the whole world,”said Xiaoqiong Li (Limeihan’s mother). A lot of people will come to take photo with Limeihan when she was wearing Lisu costume on streets in Paris, and they were curious about what kind of cloth she was dressing.

  According to the Organizing Committee of China’s leading children’s model competition, Limeihan is the first ethnic children model on Paris Fashion Week Show, her family is very proud of her.

  “We told her from childhood that she is born to be a Lisu girl, so she oughts to be proud of Lisu culture and if possible she could be a Lisu culture emissary,”said Xiaoqiong Li. “Her trip to Paris not only for displaying chinese ethnic culture, but also for the communication of chinese and western culture.”

  (Web editor:Ji Yang)

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