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Training for improving the quality of civilization of women's Federation at Dulongjiang
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Recently, National minorities family development and the fifth women’s civilization quality enhancement training held at Dulongjiang. The training is practical and varied in forms such as: weaving of Dulong blanket, basic knowledge of tourism service, women's Federation business knowledge, basic common sense of civilized life, and basic national policy of equality between men and women and other training. It is understood that the Gongshan County women's Federation has been carried out four consecutive years of the Derung women's civilization quality training which has played a positive role in the promotion of " self - reliance , self - reliance , self - esteem , self - esteem " and the promotion of the legal literacy and labor skills of the Dulong nationality women , enriching of the women ' s spare life , inheritance and the promotion of the traditional culture of the Dulong family and also widening of the channel of incomes.(Nujiang Newspaper/He Feiyang He Junpeng)
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