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Chinese cooking skills training at Laowo Village has been successfully completed
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On 3rd January, 15 days of Zhuhai-Nujiang poverty alleviation cooperation skills training -- Laowo Village Chinese cuisine training successfully completed, the whole village including the poor people of more than 100 people participated in the training.
This training is conducted by Lushui Vocational and Technical School , which has rich experience and exquisite cooking skills . The training course includes theoretical explanation , dish demonstration , student practice , skill guidance and teacher evaluation. During the course of training , the teacher gives a detailed introduction of the selection of food materials , the reasonable collocation of seasoning , the control of fire and the like . The students carefully read , listen , record , cook and consult cooking from time to time , recording the cooking methods , discussing how to cook and train the process ,there are full of learning and communication atmosphere .
Through the training, participants have said that the culinary skills training is very targeted, very practical, not only provided a free training platform, but also increased knowledge and skills. It is good for the future to do a good job in canteens.
It is understood that the 15 day skills training includes of 90 hours, with the careful guidance of the teacher, all the students successfully completed the training content, and successfully passed the written and practical examination, and finally get the certificates.(Nujiang Newspaper/Ni Yucai Guo Ronghua)
(Web editor:Ji Yang)
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