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Gongshan County the court and procuratorate jointly held Winter Games for staff and Workers
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Recently, Gongshan people's court and people's procuratorate co-organized 2017 staff and Workers Winter Games.
During the period, bamboo chopstick ping-pong relay, two-person tripodal race relay, bowling, rope skipping and other team and individual events were carried out. The competition with  diversified forms and rich in content and also shows participation, entertainment and collectivity.
In recent years, responsible persons of Gongshan people's court and people's procuratorate attach great importance to the amateur cultural life of cadres and workers, also actively create a relaxed and happy working atmosphere by constantly optimizing the working environment, and enthusiastically help workers and staff to solve practical problems in their work and life. Organize and carry out various forms of civilization creation and amateur sports activities which can not only offer the opportunity for staff and workers enjoy the fun while enhancing the cohesion and collective sense of honor, but also set up a healthy life and happy work concept for workers.(Nujiang Newspaper/He Feiyang Yu Lihua)
(Web editor: Ji Yang)
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