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Nujiang ethnic music and dances appear in Slovakia
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18:00, June 13, Slovak local time, Daxingdi Red Lantern Art Troupe of Lushui City and Pumi Traditional Culture learning and passing Group took their first performance at the Bradrum Cultural Centre, Slovakia. They are organized by Nujiang Prefecture Sports, Radio, Television and Press Bureau to Slovakia to participate in the International Folk Art Festival.


In the performance,the Red Lantern Art Troupe performed Lisu songs and dances like《Youye》《Guake》;The music and dances are performed by Pumi Traditional Culture learning and passing Group won applause from the local audiences.The local enthusiastic audience s thanked the actors with fresh cherries and took pictures with the performers.

"I feel very lucky to watch the original Chinese folk singing and dances for us. It's really beautiful! I hope to enjoy more such activities in the future. "a Bradrum citizen named Thomas said.(Nujiang Newspaper/Ji Yang)

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