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Beautiful Lisu costumes
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  Lisu nationality mostly lived in alpine mountain areas before the founding of the people's Republic of China, they usually wearing clothes were made of skin peeled off hemp seeds, Lisu people called it "linen clothes."


  Lisu men from all over the country, like to wear linen long shirt or short shirt, wear trousers. Someof themare covered with green cloth around head and braided hair behind their heads. For few special people whohave honor and dignity in society usually hang a string of large red coral on the left ear. All adult men liketo hang a knifeon left waist and a arrow bagon right waist.


  Blackandwhite Lisu woman usually weara right-cut coat, a linen or a black velvet dress.Married women wearcopper earrings, and thecap is made of coral and a string of beads.

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