Photographing China: Professional bamboo carver displays 50 years of ingenuity

2021-11-24 17:17:20 Source:Xinhuanet 

Exquisitely designed lanterns, ingenious stools with floral patterns, carved bamboo boxes and various ornaments. Wang Leixiu's studio is filled with row upon row of carved bamboo works. The artist's delicate hand combined with new designs give the bamboo works a unique charm.

Wang Lexiu is a fourth generation inheritor of Jinghuang bamboo carving in Xiong County, north China's Hebei Province. His family introduced him to bamboo carving at an early age.

"As a palace craft during the Qing Dynasty, bamboo carving broke the limitations of using bamboo as a raw material. It can be made into square, round or flat shapes. It is practical to use but has high ornamental value. It is thus a valuable part of our intangible cultural heritage," said Wang.